Trust, knowledge and discretion

SPG One, specialised in Luxury real estate


At SPG One, we are committed to mobilising all of our expertise and resources in pursuit of your endeavour. Our partnership with Christie’s International Real Estate gives us access to an exclusive real estate market. We offer tailor-made service and unrivalled expertise to meet your high-end real estate needs. Put your trust in SPG One and discover a world of exceptional opportunities.


The minimum we can offer you is unlimited commitment and absolute discretion.



Our values



The domain of luxury real estate is a world unto itself. Reserved for the most exclusive clientele, it requires utmost sensitivity and absolute discretion. At SPG One, we take the time to understand who you are, learn of your desires and follow your lead, whether to unearth that rare gem you have perhaps spent years searching for or to sell that splendid home filled with your fondest memories.



Thanks to our expertise in the local and national markets, we can give you access to remarkable properties that are only shown to a very select group of clients.


When it comes to sales, we will put all of our skill to work for you in order to help you find the perfect buyer for your cherished property.
Certain properties are marketed and sold confidentially at the request of the owner, so please feel free to contact us in that regard.


Trust, knowledge and discretion are the three core values of SPG One.


It was natural that we became a partner with Christie's. We share the same passion for objects of unique value.

Exclusive Christie's partnership

Our partnership “Christie’s International Real Estate”


For more than 25 years, Christie’s International Real Estate has been a worldwide specialist in the sale of exceptional properties, with a presence in more than 40 countries. In this sense, it shares a culture of beauty and elegance with its parent company, Christie’s Auction House, placing unique objects on the market while respecting a time-honoured tradition of expertise and personalised service.


Thanks to the exclusive partnership that SPG One has enjoyed with Christie’s International Real Estate since 2005 in French-speaking Switzerland and Gstaad, we can give you access not only to our own extensive portfolio but also to a wide range of available offers from all around the world.


Our shared values and aspirations are complemented by our professional excellence and expertise.

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