LVX Magazine issue 3 - The Autumn/Winter edition is now available

LVX Magazine issue 3 - The Autumn/Winter edition is now available

The third issue of LVX magazine features Jérôme Sueur's latest book, a subtle exploration of our complex interaction with silence.

A Parisian researcher specializing in both bioacoustics and ecoacoustics, Jérôme Sueur possesses a rare virtue: his ability to put himself at the layman's level and take him into an almost imaginary world, that of the living, the very young, with its sounds and silences. Silences we all tend to forget too quickly, even though we know them by heart. These are the silences that set in when the sound of a deer has evaporated, and you've just spotted it.


His book, Histoire naturelle du Silence, is a work that also insists on the difference between noise and sound, so much so that the former is an impediment and the latter a divinity. "Noise is a mass enemy that cannot be camouflaged," writes Jérôme Sueur. And he's betting that silence will become a key value in the near future.


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After l'Information Immobilière, created in 1976, and Immorama, created in 1997, with a print run of 15,000 copies, LVX is the new free publication from Société Privée de Gérance. Produced in collaboration with SPG One, a partner of Christie's International Real Estate, it will be published twice a year.


LVX, the Latin light - in a Roman spelling that affirms our company's unwavering commitment to culture - focuses on art, architecture, watchmaking, gastronomy, but also styles and technologies: on everything that humanity is capable of when it gives of its best. But it also seeks to provide answers for a public challenged by the evolution of our societies, through encounters with those - philosophers, scientists and artists - who think about the times with elegance.

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