LVX magazine - The spring/summer 2023 edition is available

LVX magazine - The spring/summer 2023 edition is available

On the cover of this second issue of LVX magazine are the Yõkai, the household demons that the Japanese worship so as not to anger them.


To learn all about the yōkai, the best thing would be to fly to the Mononoke Museum in Miyoshi, in southern Japan. There, one would contemplate the collection put together by Yumoto Koichi that sweeps through four centuries of artistic creation. Another way to travel: dive into Yōkai, creatures and supernatural spirits of Japan, a beautiful book on how these strange... strange what, by the way? Spirits, demons, ghosts, indefinable entities?


Originally, these chimerical creatures represented the unexplained torments from which the Japanese suffered. Thus the abura-akago, this being with childish features who loves to lick the oil of the lamp in the dark. Or the akaname, who likes to feast on bathtub filth - a clear message to careless housewives. Tales without limits, therefore, just like this Japanese belief: everything has a spirit that requires humans to show respect for the smallest object.



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After l'Information Immobilière, created in 1976, and Immorama, created in 1997, LVX is the latest free publication of the Société Privée de Gérance. Produced in collaboration with SPG One, partner of Christie's International Real Estate, it is published twice a year.


LVX, the Latin light - in a Roman spelling that affirms our company's unwavering commitment to culture - is interested in art, architecture, watchmaking, gastronomy, but also in styles and technologies: in all that humanity is capable of when it gives of its best. But it also seeks to provide answers to a public that is questioning the evolution of our societies through meetings with those - philosophers, scientists and artists - who think about the times with elegance.

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