LVX : The magazine that makes light on our times

LVX : The magazine that makes light on our times

In the family of our magazines, you already read "L'Information Immobilière" and "Immorama". The first was created in 1976, the second in 1997. Twenty-five years later, here is "LVX", the Latin light, in a Roman spelling that affirms our company's unfailing attachment to culture, "this heritage of the nobility of the world", as Malraux said. 

This new magazine is interested in art, architecture, gastronomy, watchmaking, but also in trends and technologies: in all that humanity is capable of when it gives the best of itself. But it also seeks to evoke key issues for a public that is questioning the evolution of our societies. Whether ecological or sociological, the challenges are enormous and the solutions numerous. In this first issue, the subjects covered are multiple, from Vermeer to national furniture, from design to the swirl effect, and including subjects that are more current than ever. LVX wants to be rooted in its time. 

As a humanist magazine, LVX invites those - scientists, philosophers, artists - who think about the times with the elegance that is sometimes missing. It is also the fruit of a collaboration between an editorial team of experienced authors, critics and columnists and SPG One, the exclusive affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate, which shares with LVX its taste for culture, beauty and the singular.

With a print run of 15,000 copies, LVX is available in paper format. The magazine can also be downloaded from the website,, where you can subscribe to receive it at home for free.



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