The discrete market of off-market properties

We often hear about off-market properties in luxury real estate, but what exactly is it ? This approach concerns properties that are offered for sale but not listed on real estate websites or portals.  But also high-end properties that the owners decide to put up for sale spontaneously if an interesting offer comes up.

The discrete market of off-market properties

In Geneva, it is estimated that there are permanently 30 to 40 properties worth more than ten million dollars available off-market. The luxury properties listed on portals and real estate agency websites are therefore only the tip of the iceberg.


Unique properties


In the off-market, the first step is to sign an agreement to maintain confidentiality around the sale of a property. This agreement ensures absolute discretion during the marketing process. Indeed, the sale of a very beautiful property attracts a lot of interest and it is never pleasant to receive untimely solicitations from agencies interested in a new file. Moreover, a prestigious property is often devalued if it is on sale in several agencies since it is no longer perceived as "exclusive" and loses the interest of potential buyers. Finally, the sale of a property is often the subject of rumors and conjectures that can damage the reputation of an owner.

The marketing of off-market properties requires a very good knowledge of the market and a discreet approach. It requires several months to optimize the chances of finding a buyer. In general, an exclusive sales mandate covers a period of one year, making it possible to manage the follow-up of potential clients and to ensure consistency in the messages surrounding the sale of such an object.


Personalized follow-up


If the off-market offers several advantages for sellers, this market is also interesting for buyers. Beforehand, it is essential to identify their expectations in order to propose only properties that correspond. This personalized analysis allows us to build a precise profile with detailed search criteria (type of property, geographical area, price range, etc.). Only properties that match their expectations will be proposed to potential buyers to avoid unnecessary contacts or visits. Working with a single contact allows the real estate professional to improve the quality of his research and to focus his time on specific requests.  Finally, the off-market allows to receive exclusive files and to have the priority to visit and make an offer on a property.

Where in French-speaking Switzerland?


In Geneva, historically, Anières and Hermance are among the most popular communes for off-market. In recent years, they have been joined by Cologny, Meinier, Vandoeuvres, Choulex and Vésenaz as buyers prefer the proximity to the city of Geneva. In the canton of Vaud, the Terre Sainte region remains very popular, particularly the communes of Commugny, Mies and Founex. Closer to Lausanne, Saint-Prex, Morges, Pully, Lutry and La Conversion remain very popular locations, as does Montreux, which offers spectacular views of Lake Geneva and a remarkable quality of life.

In terms of the types of prestigious properties, from contemporary houses to historic buildings, all tastes are permitted. Excellent light in the living rooms is also highly sought after, as are high ceilings, flat land and proximity to public transportation.


SPG One - Christie's International Real Estate has been an expert in the field of luxury real estate for over 15 years and is active throughout French-speaking Switzerland, particularly on the left bank of Geneva, on the Vaud Riviera and in the Swiss Alps.

Whether you are looking for a property, or you wish to sell your prestigious property in this market, we are at your disposal to offer you a personalized follow-up and help you find the rare pearl. Do not hesitate to contact us !




Rédacteur : Emmanuel Grandjean - Novembre 2021

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